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The Truth About Security

Security — or loss prevention, or whatever they call themselves these days — is not your friend!

If security summons you for an interview, you can bet the intent is not to compliment you on your work. More likely, the purpose is to get dirt on a fellow employee — or, worse, on you. Their methods have not changed a lick in the 18 years I have dealt with them, but for some reason they remain effective.

First, they’ll tell you everything is okay. They’ll try to be friendly with you and earn your confidence. Then they’ll try to get you to admit to something, anything. Whether it happened yesterday or 10 years ago, they don’t care. They just want you to admit to something.

If that doesn’t work, they’ll often get tough with you, trying to intimidate you into admitting something.

The phrase “good cop, bad cop” comes to mind as one of their methods, in which one will act as though he is your friend while the other berates you. But to use the word “cop” in any description of security people is an insult to police everywhere. Often they are wannabe cops who can’t make it in any legitimate law enforcement agency.

If they still can’t get you to admit to something, they magically come up with a witness who allegedly saw you do something. Or, in the tactic du jour, they’ll tell you they have you on videotape doing something.

Of course, they never tell you who witnessed your actions or show you a videotape of your actions. They usually have neither.

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