Joe Duffle

Presidents Report

Solidarity with your union leads to stronger contracts

A union’s work is never done.

We’ve just concluded long and arduous negotiations with Food 4 Less. Now, we are in negotiations with CVS and soon we will be entering negotiations with Rite Aid.
But that’s not all of it by any means. We are part of a large and diverse union representing warehouse workers, pharmacists, pharmacy techs, hospital workers, office workers, distillery workers, cannabis workers and dental and optometrist office workers, along with the retail food and meat cutters who make up the majority of our membership.
Our union’s ability to defend wages, workplace protections, pensions and health benefits depends on our ability to connect with and integrate all 20,000-plus members of UFCW Local 1167.
This is because size and diversity are valuable assets for a strong union. Our ability to negotiate successful contracts increases when we demonstrate solidarity among members of a variety of workplaces and industries. This is how we are able to stop a single employer from trying to push us around with unreasonable demands at the bargaining table.
Wherever you work, it’s crucial to get involved and engaged in your union. We’ve gotten great gains and superior contracts over the years thanks to your solidarity with your union sisters and brothers.
Solidarity is more than attending the occasional rally and picketing event — though those are important. It also involves simple things like noting contract violations in the stores and reporting them to your steward or union rep. It involves staying informed about your union through our website, social media, text alerts and Desert Edge magazine. (See page 6 for information on Local 1167’s mobile app.)
Most of all, solidarity involves speaking proudly about your union with your coworkers, your customers and especially management. For example, if your manager asks about your thoughts concerning contract negotiations, say “I stand with my union 100%!”

As we continue emerging from the coronavirus pandemic, we take comfort knowing the world appreciates that our members are essential for the functioning of our civilization. Our presence at the workplace helps keep the public fed, healthy and happier, even in the worst of times.
Our goal as a union is to ensure your labor is appreciated properly by your employer through providing adequate compensation, a safe workplace and a fair working environment. To accomplish this, we will continue to need your activism to meet the challenges that confront us every day.
Stand strong and stay united. Solidarity is the answer!

Be courteous to each other

UFCW LOCAl 1167 President
Joe Duffle

(909) 877-5000 ext 150