Matt Bruno

The union is YOU!

Who is the union? YOU are!

By definition, a labor union is the collective voice of its members, speaking as one for the benefit of all. This is especially true at UFCW 1167, where united action has won an impressive series of victories for our members and working people everywhere.

Through our solidarity, we have accomplished wages that set the standards for all of the industries we serve, from supermarkets to medical offices, from factories to pharmacies and many places in between.

That’s not all. Our members enjoy superior health benefits, pension plans, guaranteed working hours, safeguards for fair treatment, holiday premium pay, vacations, discounts and other features that non-union workers can only dream about.

All of these things are possible because our members identify with their union and participate actively in ensuring its success.

It is important to protect our successes and build upon them, not just for ourselves as individuals, but for the benefit of future generations.

How YOU can participate

The first step for every member of UFCW Local 1167 involves making a personal commitment to our shared cause. This commitment can take shape in a variety of ways:

These are just a few of the many ways you can get involved in your union. Ask your Union Representative for information about opportunities to participate.

After all, the union is YOU!

UFCW Local 1167
Secretary Treasurer
Matt Bruno