Rick Bruer

In Rite Aid negotiations and beyond, we have strength in numbers!


As our union enters into contract negotiations with Rite Aid, it’s a good time to talk about the importance of all our union members getting involved in this all-important process. I’m not just talking about our Rite Aid members, although they are currently at the center of the action. I’m talking about everyone who is affiliated with UFCW Local 1167 and our allied UFCW unions across Southern California.

If you work in a supermarket, a medical facility or any of the other kinds of workplaces that we serve and represent, this is your battle, too.

Our union is able to set industry-wide standards for wages, benefits, working conditions, fairness and respect on the job because we recognize a fundamental fact of the Labor Movement: We have strength in numbers.

When an individual stands alone against a strong force, he or she is likely to fail. But when large numbers of people unite for a common purpose, they are likely to win. This is certainly true for our Rite Aid members, who must act in firm solidarity in order to achieve the strong contract they deserve.

Experience tells us that representatives of management will try to weaken this crucial solidarity by distributing misleading information to employees. Through flyers, social media posts, meetings and the old-fashioned rumor mill, they may attempt to plant doubts and sow discord among our ranks.

Don’t pay attention to any of these attempts to diminish our strength! If you encounter corporate propaganda or hear rumors about the negotiations, pay none of it any mind. Remember that there is only one source of information that has your interests — and only your interests — in mind: your union, UFCW Local 1167.

If you have any questions about negotiations, ask your Union Representative. You can also obtain information at our website, ufcw1167.org, on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, through our new Mobile App and in the Desert Edge magazine that you hold in your hands. And when a manager asks what you think about negotiations, tell him or her with pride in your voice: “I stand with my union 100 percent!”


Elections: looking to November


Now that the June 5 primary elections are behind us, it’s not too early to think about the runoff elections set for Nov. 6, 2018. At this time, voters across California will determine the course of our government for years to come. Will working people be served by officeholders who identify with our interests or will we be forced to endure the attacks of those who want our voices silenced? It’s up to us. Once again, trust your union for the information you need to make the wise choices. In coming months, we will compile recommendations based on questionnaires, personal interviews and investigations into the records of the candidates on issues of importance to working families.

Voting is your constitutional right and is a personal choice that must be taken seriously. It’s your right as a citizen! So vote! Keep your eyes and ears open for the information you need. And always remember: We have strength in numbers!