Presidents Report

UFCW Local 1167

Rick Bruer

YOU are the union!

UFCW Local 1167 isn’t just a building in Bloomington, Calif.  We’re much more than that. We’re not just the people who serve you in the Membership and Benefits Departments at union headquarters. And we’re not just the Union Representatives who come to your workplace to defend your rights.

More than anything else, our union is YOU.

As a member of Local 1167, you are a vital part of a respected and influential organization representing 18,000 members and their families.

Together, we are a powerful force for the benefit of working people in our jurisdiction and throughout California.

The contracts we negotiate with employers set the highest standards in the industries we serve. These contracts mean better wages and working conditions for you and your co-workers. They also provide sick pay, health care with low premiums, pensions, life insurance, death benefits and even access to discounts for AT&T phone service.

It all adds up to a better quality of life for your family and for others in your community.

To achieve these things and more, we need all elements of our union working together for a single purpose. Those of us who work in grocery stores, drug stores, packing plants, distribution centers, doctors’ offices and other health facilities all have a crucial role to play in moving ourselves forward.

This goes beyond paying for your membership, as important as that is.

For example, when our retail food members are in difficult negotiations, our members at the drug stores can be trusted to turn out for rallies and handbilling activities in support of their union sisters and brothers. And when our retail drug people need assistance, they can rely on their fellow members at the grocery stores to do the same.


Here are some other ways you can step forward to make your union strong­er:


Membership activity


• Attend union meetings.

• Ask your Union Representative how you can be involved. Volunteer for an action or activity – we have them all the time!

• Take a new hire under your wing. Take him or her to our new-member meetings. They’re great for our new members who don’t know anything about what a union is, but they’re also great for our other members as a re-education course. You can learn things to tell the new members in the stores when they ask you, “So, what is this union?”


Political action


• By donating to the Active Ballot Club, you help the UFCW contact legislators to get them to pass good laws or defeat bad ones. This will be especially important as we fight against proposed “work for less” laws that could devastate our contracts and the power to get new contracts for the future. 

• The California Retail Association is proposing legislation to reduce the number of pharmacy techs per each pharmacist on the job. This would mean pharmacists would be filling out all of the prescriptions. There’s no way a pharmacist can handle all of that work – it’s not humanly possible! We can’t let outside entities influence legislators in ways that could threaten the safety of our communities.

• We also need to elect pro-worker candidates. We don’t care if they have “D” or “R” attached to their names. As long as they vote our way and support workers and their families, they will have our support. The UFCW has the power to make a difference. Just last year in the 47th Assembly District, we removed from office a Democrat who turned her back on working people. In her place, we elected Eloise Reyes, a trusted ally who will fight for the values we share.

Protecting union jobs


• You can protect good union jobs, including your own, by shopping where you work and shopping union whenever possible. When you shop union, your money doesn’t go to a competitor that takes good paying jobs away from your community.


• You can also volunteer in events organized by the union to help union employers keep their market share and prosper.




• If you know of a company where employees may be interested in joining a union, please share that information with your Union Representative.

• You can also ask your Union Rep about becoming a Special Project Union Representative (SPUR) engaged in organizing activities.

Standing strong at the work place

• When you say positive things about your union to co-workers, you help turn away the negativity that can affect our ability to negotiate a contract on your behalf.

• Avoid spreading rumors. Always get the facts from your Union Reps, your steward and other union sources, including the Desert Edge, our website and our social media outlets.

• Wear your union buttons and badges on the job. This speaks volumes about your pride in union membership.

Tell the world about your union


• Many people don’t realize what it means to be part of a union. Saying good things about unions in social media can make an impact.

Here’s what you can say: “What is a union? It is members working together for the betterment of all.” 

In all these ways and much more, the members of UFCW Local 1167 show that we are all responsible for our collective success.

The middle class is shrinking in large part because unions have been on the ropes. We all need to be the solution for our future and our families’ future by becoming proud, ardent and vocal union activists.

I’m proud to work with so many dedicated members who, besides putting food on their own tables, also contribute to the health and happiness or their families and communities.

We are all stronger together when we recognize the values and benefits of being part of Local 1167.


Be strong. Be united!

YOU are UFCW Local 1167!