Update 2/2/7/14

The Union Contract expired on September 27th, but El Super must continue to respect our contract provisions. Union Representatives will continue to visit the union stores to answer questions and enforce the contract.

The Union and the negotiating committee has met with the Company repeatedly to explain our demands for a fair contract, but we still have not made progress on most of our important issues: respect on the job, guaranteed hours per week, respect for seniority, wages, health benefits and union representation for all El Super stores.

But our determination and solidarity began to pay off this week as the Company finally recognized our demand for paid sick leave although the amount of leave offered is still woefully inadequate. The bargaining committee also presented the Company with over 8,000 cards from customers who support the workers demands for a fair contract. Now, we must keep the pressure on the Company to get a fair contract.

El Super Workers Rally for a Fair Contract and to Raise Standards Across the Grocery Chain

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