This Tuesday, September 13, your Union met with Albertsons, Ralphs and Vons once again in an attempt to get a fair contract for the pharmacists. Unfortunately, we were unable to make any meaningful progress. We continue to be far apart on the issue of wages for both pharmacists and pharmacists in charge. In addition, the companies are unwilling to agree to any required level of ancillary staffing in your contract.

We have reviewed the questionnaires that you completed and we understand the very difficult working environment that you face in your pharmacies. We tried to get management to understand the difficulties you encounter, especially when you are alone in the pharmacy, and the dissatisfaction that you have heard from your patients and customers when you are unable to serve their needs as quickly as you would like to. Management’s insensitivity to these issues is appalling.

We know that the only way to impress the seriousness of this situation on Albertsons, Ralphs and Vons is for us to talk directly to the public and we plan to do just that. We have agreed to meet with the companies one more time, however, on September 19, before escalating our activities in front of the stores. If management does not adequately address our concerns at that meeting, we will resume hand billing in front of select stores.

Our activities will be designed to inform the public about the lack of adequate staffing in your pharmacies and management’s unfair treatment of its pharmacists. We will also ask the public to get their flu shots elsewhere until management comes to the table with a fair contract. We will also talk to legislators about public safety issues in the pharmacies and will work towards addressing these issues Statewide.

We encourage you to participate in these actions on your day off. Your Company’s pharmacy business is profitable because of you and you deserve better. We will continue to work to assure that you receive respectable wages and working conditions.