Albertsons Ralphs and Vons Are Unwilling To Recognize Your Hard Work With Adequate Raise Increases

We just completed our last scheduled negotiation session with Vons/Albertsons and Ralphs regarding the pharmacist contract and we are again disappointed to report that these companies are unwilling to recognize your hard work with adequate raise increases. The companies’ position is that you do not work as hard as pharmacists in CVS and Rite Aid so it is appropriate for you to earn less and their offer would make the gap between your rate and drug contract rate even greater.

At this point, we must resume hand billing in front of select stores to inform the public about the lack of adequate staffing in your pharmacies and management’s unfair treatment of its pharmacists. Your participation in these actions is crucial. The companies need to understand that you are willing to STAND TOGETHER and fight for what is fair.

We are also setting up a pharmacist conference call for this Sunday, September 25 to give you a complete update with an opportunity to ask questions regarding negotiations and to plan our future actions. The conference call information will be mailed to Albertsons, Ralphs and Vons Pharmacist homes.

Please make every effort to be on this important call regarding negotiations and our plan of action to achieve a fair contract. If you have any questions in the meantime, please talk to your union representative.