Food 4 Less Negotiations Update
Negotiations on your new Union contract began May 12. We are disappointed to report that Food 4 Less does not appear to recognize that your hard work is critical to their success.  Management has made proposals which would take away important job protections and could affect your overall pay.  This is not acceptable.  Your union has made proposals to improve your living standard and maintain your benefits.  We know the cost of living continues to increase and your hard work should allow you to make ends meet.  It is still early in the bargaining process and several additional bargaining sessions have been scheduled in May and June.  Even though your contract expires June 4, nothing changes after contract expiration and Food 4 Less must continue to honor all provisions of your contract.  Rumors about the future of Food 4 Less are spreading, but it is important that you understand that these are just rumors.  If you have questions about anything you hear, please check with you Union Representative. You work hard and deserve better.  Your unity and strength during this time is critical to our success at the bargaining table. 

Stay informed - Check back for the latest negotiation news.

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