Food 4 Less Negotiations Update
Food 4 Less bargaining will begin Friday May 12. Additional negotiation sessions are scheduled for the week of May 15. Based on survey results we received so far, our key issues include adequate wage increases, affordable medical, fair scheduling and weekly hours. We will strongly resist any reductions or take aways in your contract.

Recently, you may have heard rumors that Food 4 Less is for sale, or that Food 4 Less plans to shut down to get rid of the Union. None of this is verified and it is illegal for Food 4 Less to shut down and reopen nonunion. Food 4 Less is profitable and the sales of almost all stores continues to increase. Spreading rumors during negotiations is a management tactic to scare employees in hopes of weakening you and your fellow employees.

Do not trust any rumors you hear.
 Always check with your Union Representative for the most current information.

Your strength and unity during this time is key to our negotiating the best contract possible.

We will continue to provide updates during the negotiation process.

Stay informed - Check back for the latest negotiation news.

We are stronger when we