Haggen May Send out "WARN" Notifications

Soon Haggen may send out WARN Act notices to employees of certain Haggen stores in the south, informing them that they may be laid off within 60 days due to store closures. Such notices are required by law when an employer believes that it may no longer employ a person after the 60 day period. However, we are hopeful that before that time there will be a major effort to sell these stores to new employers who are willing to retain the employees, but we have no accurate information as to which stores might be sold to buyers who will retain employees, and which stores may be closed. As soon as we have further information we will provide it to you. We expect that Haggen believes that, by issuing the notice now, it won’t have any liability under WARN laws for lay off offs due to closure of stores it can’t sell. Also, the closings and layoffs could conceivably take place before or after the date in the WARN notice.


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