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6/5/24Raley’s Grocery Warehouse Workers Ratify New Contract With Teamsters Local 150

5/29/24What’s really happening to grocery prices right now

5/29/24Safeway removes self-checkout kiosks from some Bay Area stores

5/20/24Amazon Providing Same-Day 2-Hour Grocery Delivery From Lucky Supermarkets

5/15/24New inflation data could signal cheaper grocery prices, more discounts, expert says

5/15/24The Supermarket Scanner Changed the Way We Buy Groceries Forever

5/7/24New California bill could force stores to close self-checkout

5/7/24Spokane Kroger, Albertsons workers ratify contract

5/1/24Detroit’s only Black-run grocery co-op opens, welcomes throngs of shoppers

4/23/24Aldi’s aggressive expansion plans take center stage

4/22/24Kroger, Albertsons Companies and C&S Wholesale Grocers, LLC Announce an Updated and Expanded Divestiture Plan

4/22/24Union reports tentative agreement in grocery workers’ negotiations

4/22/24Kroger, Albertsons — still hoping to merge — agree to sell more stores to satisfy regulators

4/18/24Could grocery stores become cannabis dealers?

4/17/24Why San Francisco is considering a bill that would let shoppers sue closing grocery stores

4/12/24The stars should be aligned for discounters, so what toppled 99 Cents Only Stores?

4/11/24Connecticut AG launches inquiry into grocery price gouging

4/11/24Trader Joe’s in Colorado faces OSHA fine for worker safety

4/10/24Trader Joe’s in Chicago files to unionize

4/8/24Costco tests a switch from rigid to flexible packaging for its rotisserie chickens

4/8/24Ahold Delhaize and 4 other grocers establish venture capital fund

4/5/24Amazon says it is removing Just Walk Out technology from its Fresh grocery stores

4/5/2499 Cents Only to close down all stores

3/30/24Coalition Targets Supermarket Giants with Proposed Legislation to Safeguard Workers, Shoppers

3/27/24Kroger to close 3 e-commerce facilities

3/26/24Do Kroger and Albertsons need to revise their divestiture deal with C&S?

3/26/24Former Labor Secretary Reich blasts Walmart price hikes

3/25/24Large Grocers Took Advantage of Pandemic Supply Chain Disruptions, F.T.C. Finds

3/19/24Kroger to sell specialty pharmacy division

3/18/24Aldi adding 800 stores by 2028

3/18/24Heritage Grocers debuts loyalty program

3/14/24Grocery prices nearing pre-pandemic affordability

3/15/24Target announces changes to self-checkout lanes

3/14/24Kroger, Albertsons file pointed responses to FTC

3/13/24Family Dollar to Close Nearly 1,000 Stores

3/12/24Court sets late August start date for hearing on Kroger-Albertsons merger

3/11/24Nevada Patagonia Store Becomes First to Unionize

3/11/24Judge rules in favor of Safeway worker who confronted shoplifter

3/8/24Food 4 Less grocery workers rally ahead of contract expiration

3/7/24Kroger, UFCW Local 400 reach tentative contract agreement, avoiding a strike

3/7/24Aldi plans to open 800 U.S. locations by end of 2028

3/1/24Kroger workers authorize strike in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio

3/1/24Kroger workers in Houston area have new deals on the table

2/29/24We must start preparing the US workforce for the effects of AI – now

2/26/24U.S. sues to block merger of grocery giants Kroger and Albertsons, saying it could push prices higher

2/24/24Meijer, union workers agree on new contracts

2/23/24Self-checkouts are disappearing from retailers. Here’s why

2/21/24Nevada grocery costs rank 2nd-highest in U.S., but why?

2/21/24Is Kroger, Albertsons merger a good deal or rip-off? Lawsuit from feds, states could help shoppers find out.

2/21/24Will Food Prices Stop Rising Quickly? Many Companies Say Yes.

2/15/24California Tried to Ban Plastic Grocery Bags. It Didn’t Work.

2/19/24UFCW 555 meets with C&S over Kroger Merger and Divestiture

2/16/24What will retail look like in five years? Top industry executives share their predictions

2/15/244 ways Walmart is working to enhance its growth momentum

2/9/24Kroger’s CFO left for a rival. What does that say about its merger with Albertsons?

2/9/24Amazon Chips Away at Walmart Grocery Lead With Unified Pickup Options

2/7/24Costco taps former Kroger finance chief to serve as CFO

2/6/24Biden Takes Aim at Grocery Chains Over Food Prices

2/6/24Kroger named two people to run its combined co. with Albertsons. One just went to Costco

2/1/24Trader Joe’s Challenges Labor Board’s Constitutionality Amidst Union-Busting Accusations

1/22/24Who spends the most on groceries each week (and who pays the least)? Census data has answers

12/22/24America’s hidden grocery winner: What’s fueling Aldi’s growth

1/12/24Walmart on the verge of automating grocery shopping

1/10/24The Cannabis Industry and Labor Unions

1/15/24Kroger merger delayed as Washington AG sues, Albertsons execs called deal ‘a monopoly’

1/12/24Surprise: Some grocery stores moving away from self-checkout

1/11/24Grocery Shoppers Want Product-Specific Card-Linked Offers

1/10/24Family, Friends and Colleagues Mourn the Passing of ULLICO Chairman and CEO, Edward M. Smith

1/4/24Costco’s surprising response to workers’ union win: It’s not you, it’s us

1/4/24Why Grocery And Pharmacy Workers Oppose The Kroger/Albertsons Merger

12/31/23The golden age of working for Instacart, DoorDash, and other delivery apps is over, workers say

12/22/23New agreement ratified for almost 26,000 workers at Loblaw-owned stores in Ontario Canada

12/22/23Grocery workers in Brainerd Lakes area on strike

12/20/23Is Walmart Removing Self-Checkouts?

12/19/23California lawmakers question if ‘reality matches perception’ with state’s retail theft issue

12/18/23How Corporations Crush New Unions

12/18/23Understanding the Food Industry: Pricing, Retailers, and Consumer Habits

12/14/23Senator Bob Casey warns of shrinkflation taking bite out of grocery purchases

12/12/23UFCW Applauds New Bill Establishing a Permanent Grant Fund For Grocery, Food & Farm Workers

12/4/23Meat and fish cutters’ strike at Malama Market nears second month

12/3/23The state of grocery in North America 2023 McKinsey & Company

11/30/23Kroger sees results falter, says planned merger with Albertsons is on track

11/13/23Questions remain over Kroger/Albertsons merger

11/13/23Amazon vs Walmart: Who Will Bag the Victory in the Grocery Aisle?

11/14/23Walmart, Costco and other companies rethink self-checkout

11/12/23Sacramento County sheriff accuses major retail stores of stymieing efforts to stop theft

11/12/23A Grocery Chain Just Fired Its Self-Checkouts

11/7/23Supermarket giant Aldi is facing a class action for allegedly deliberate underpayments of more than 20,000 workers totalling $150 million

11/7/23Rite Aid closing additional stores in Chapter 11 filing

11/7/23Grocery store chain abruptly closes three locations in a single day leaving customers in fear of ‘new trend’

10/16/23Rite Aid Files for Bankruptcy, Undone by Years of Losses

10/14/23California AG considers suing Kroger, Albertsons over merger

10/13/23Costco accused of sharing customer health info with Meta in lawsuit

10/5/23Union workers reach tentative agreement with Hormel

10/5/23California workers will see more paid sick time off under new law

10/3/23Kroger launches Hispanic-inspired private label brand

9/25/23Faster! NLRB Moves to Accelerate Union Election Timeframes

9/7/23Kroger, Albertsons plan to sell over 400 stores to C&S Wholesale for nearly $2 billion

9/2/23Why Both ALDI and Lidl Pose a Threat to Grocers Across the U.S.

9/1/23Walgreens CEO Roz Brewer steps down

8/30/23Grocery Chain Started A ‘Chat Checkout’ Lane For Lonely Seniors Who Need A Friend

8/29/23How self-checkout kiosks may be making Americans lonelier

8/28/23Rite Aid prepares bankruptcy filing, store closures amid opioid lawsuits

8/25/23Another massive retailer is sounding the alarm about this scary in-store crime

8/25/23Nevada AG office investigating potential impact of proposed supermarket supermerger

8/22/23UFCW Statement on Aldi/Winn-Dixie Merger

8/21/23Grocery shoppers remain highly focused on inflation, report indicates

8/18/23California probes ‘pharmacy deserts’ in Kroger/Albertsons deal-sources

8/17/23Secretaries of states want FTC to block Kroger, Albertsons merger

8/16/23Kroger-Albertson’s Merger

8/15/23How grocers are deterring theft at self-checkout

8/10/23FTC queries on Kroger’s Albertsons deal focus on small grocers

8/10/23Grocery dominance in the digital age

8/7/23Amazon Makes Sweeping Overhauls Of Grocery Business To Compete With Walmart, Kroger

8/7/23Why Save Mart believes the future is built on data

7/28/23Inside Walmart’s Warehouse of the Future

7/27/23Lidl rethinks its US strategy

7/26/23Dollar General threatened to close store if employees voted for a union

7/26/23‘Outlandish.’ Grocery unions slam executive payouts in Kroger/Albertsons merger

7/26/23FTC Has Power to Stop Grocery Mega-merger and Tame Runaway Prices

7/26/23Why Walmart is trouncing Amazon in the grocery wars

7/18/23San Francisco Safeway locations receive high tech upgrade

7/18/23Inside the robot-powered grocery store of the future

7/14/23Dollar General safety violations are not slowing down

6/12/23Albertsons reinventing digital circulars with Meta pilot

7/10/23Inside Aldi’s strategy to slash grocery prices

7/10/23How Stop & Shop is refocusing its multicultural aisles in New York City

6/28/23What a highly anticipated report on grocery store competition reveals about profit margins, barriers

6/28/23UPS Teamsters say nationwide strike is ‘imminent’ if Friday deadline not met

6/28/23Contract Talks by Teamsters and the UAW Have the Potential to Change Our Politics

6/26/23Amazon Delivery Drivers Picket Two California Warehouses

6/28/23Lunds & Byerlys reaches agreement with workers, averting strike

6/27/23Unions, including Culinary, reach deal to organize Venetian, Palazzo workers

6/27/23Albertsons truckers sue grocer for labor law violations in California

6/27/23Lunds & Byerlys grocery workers will go on strike unless a contract deal is reached

6/26/23Workers at several Colorado Starbucks stores join nationwide strike as company, unions remain at odds

6/21/23Amazon Go closures continue

6/22/23UFCW Local 88 authorizes possible strike against Schnuck Markets

6/21/23Grocery stores in NYC fight facial recognition software bill

6/16/23Is Kroger’s uninspiring Q1 a red flag for the grocery giant?

6/20/23As Workplaces Become More Violent, California Calls for Stricter Protections

6/14/23The Labor-Savvy Leader

6/13/23Half of all grocers are upping their shopper data game

6/13/23Teamsters union says ‘no’ to Kroger, Albertsons merger

6/6/23As a mega-merger with Albertsons looms, Kroger makes another big payroll error

6/1/23Healthcare costs top $31,000 for family of 4 in 2023

5/30/23How regional grocer Save Mart is looking to grow its retail media business

6/5/23Analyst thinks Albertsons & Kroger will have to sell more stores. Amazon, Ahold possible buyers

5/11/23Albertsons starts to assemble merger team, names SpinCo head

5/23/23Consumers go out more, buy less

5/17/23Kroger, Albertsons merger backlash intensifies with opposition from consumer group

5/11/23Supermarkets surpass Amazon in online food shopping satisfaction study

5/11/23Could marijuana industry access U.S. banking system? Idea gets first Senate hearing before Sherrod Brown

5/11/23Kroger CEO is ready to fight hard for merger approval

5/4/23Biggest Grocery Union Opposes $20 Billion Kroger-Albertsons Deal

5/3/23JBS USA Announces Creation Of JBS Sanitation

4/28/23Higher Food Prices Bring Bigger Profits, but Consumers Start to Resist

4/25/23Amazon drivers join Teamsters union, reach agreement in historic victory

4/25/23Amazon could look to acquire Kroger, Albertsons stores

4/25/23Trader Joe’s Employees Mark Unionization Win in California

4/25/23Data security breach may have exposed Albertsons employee info

4/7/23Strike averted: Cub Foods, union workers reach tentative contract agreement

4/7/23Grocery workers in Thousand Oaks rally against merger of Kroger, Albertsons

4/7/23Albertsons Expanding Food, Medicine Access via Supplemental Health Benefits

4/7/23Costco sales the worst since COVID-19 shutdown

4/5/23US grocery delivery app Instacart hikes its valuation 18% to $12 billion as financials improve

4/5/23Grocery workers announce strike vote over wages, protections since pandemic

4/3/23Local Kroger Workers Oppose Company’s Merger

3/23/23Strains Emerge Inside the Union That Beat Amazon

3/23/23Siding with Starbucks, House Republicans probe federal labor agency

3/22/23Kroger-Albertsons grocery chain merger in US threatens job cuts as Wall Street eyes payday

3/22/23Why is this California Trader Joe's pushing for a union?

3/16/23Albertsons, Kroger reiterate store divestiture plan ahead of merger

3/16/23Online grocery shopping habits shift among loyal consumers

3/16/23Amazon enters delivery partnership with Rite Aid – here’s where

3/13/23Kroger Hires Former House Speaker John Boehner to Push Albertsons Merger

3/13/23What Union-Buster Howard Schultz Owes Starbucks Workers

3/11/23Union strikes at Spreckels as harvest approaches

2/21/23Progressive Senators Demand Answers From Kroger on ‘Widespread Wage Theft’

2/21/23Walmart Warns That Shoppers Are Feeling the Squeeze of Higher Prices

2/17/23Senators question why PBMs ‘even exist’ in heated hearing amid push for reform

2/16/23Smart & Final workers in Southern California join Teamsters

2/16/23Rite Aid Faces Consequences for Bad Faith Tactics in Healthcare Benefits Negotiations, NLRB Says

2/13/23Older Grocery Shoppers Much More Deal-Motivated Than Younger Counterparts

2/10/23Kroger announces pay raise for workers at Atlanta-area stores

2/10/23Publix tests a free shuttle service

2/10/23Take your date to the grocery store

2/6/23King Kullen, grocery workers union reach tentative agreement to avoid strike

2/5/23Amazon CEO: Company still struggling for success with supermarkets

2/5/23Kroger Merger Is Good for You (and Maybe Bad for Walmart, Costco, and Amazon)

1/19/23Has Amazon Fresh hit its expiration date?

1/18/23NRF: Get ready for change, executives warn

1/18/23First Contract ratified by Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc – UFCW 175 & 633

1/16/238 Once-Largest Grocery Chains That Have All Disappeared

1/16/23Has Amazon Fresh hit its expiration date?

12/19/22Washington puts indefinite hold on Albertsons’ $4-billion dividend as FTC begins asking questions

12/7/22Albertsons-Kroger merger faces battle on two fronts

12/2/22Albertsons, Kroger CEOs Defend $25 Billion Merger to Senate Committee

11/28/22How the Kroger-Albertsons merger could transform 5 key grocery markets

11/17/22Apple Store Staff Petition to Unionize a Third Store, This Time in St. Louis

10/7/224 out of 5 people with long COVID have trouble performing day-to-day activities: CDC

10/7/22What Are the Projected 2023 Health Plan Cost Trends?

10/7/22Kroger strike avoided as employees’ union approves modified contract

10/7/22Stater Bros. Markets’ chairman retires

10/5/22Workers at No Evil Foods say they were union-busted

10/4/22Stater Bros. taps Greg McNiff as chief operating officer

10/4/22Kroger and union members in central Ohio reach tentative deal to avert a strike

9/23/22Ohio Kroger union members vote to authorize strike

9/23/22More Self-Checkout Is Coming, No Matter How Much You Hate It

9/23/22Grocery prices jumped the most since 1979 over the past year

8/31/22California Legislature Extends Essential COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave to Workers

8/31/22Would You Take Out a Loan to Buy This Week’s Groceries?

8/30/22Safeway employee saved lives by confronting Oregon gunman, police say

8/22/22Trader Joe’s whines: The grocery chain insists store closure isn’t union-busting. Prove it

8/22/22How grocery stores are adjusting for rising prices

8/19/22Young TikTok creators organize campaign against Amazon to support workers’ union demands

8/12/22Save Mart supermarkets to close its pharmacies next week

8/12/22Americans’ Grocery Bills Set to Reach New Highs on Food Inflation

8/12/22Why Grocers Should Bet on Fresh Convenience and Prepared Foods

8/1/22How is Albertsons hanging on to shoppers as inflation rages on?

7/29/22Trader Joe’s workers at a Massachusetts store form a union, a milestone in the chain.

7/28/22Union pharmacists reject contract offer from SoCal grocery stores, vote in favor of a strike authorization

7/23/22More Than 600 SoCal Grocery Store Pharmacists Authorize Strike

7/22/22‘Built On Quicksand’: How The Rise And Demise Of Rapid Grocery Delivery Will Shape And Scar Retail

7/8/22Rite Aid tries to ease debt load and boost profits

7/8/22Food industry led California in COVID violations, but paid fewer fines, report says

7/8/22UFCW Local 700, Kroger Reach Tentative Agreement for Indianapolis Contract

7/6/226 consumer trends for grocers to watch

7/5/22Employees at Curaleaf’s midtown cannabis dispensary vote to unionize

7/1/22Less Takeout, More Produce Swapping: How Inflation Is Altering People’s Behavior

6/23/22FreshDirect Latest To Become Organized As Union Movement Gains Momentum

6/23/22Survey: Shoppers think supermarkets clear 33% profit

6/20/22Shoppers are buying less and switching to store brands, Kroger says

6/16/22Grocery stores are a hotbed of racism and hate crimes, data shows

6/15/22Online Grocery Prices Continue To Soar, As Overall Ecommerce Inflation Slows

6/15/22Trader Joe’s workers in Western Mass. push ahead with union vote

5/16/22Grocery workers’ union announces deal with Schnucks

5/16/22Target employees at Virginia store file for union election amid a broader labor push at big companies

5/16/22Starbucks Baristas Are Unionizing, and Even Howard Schultz Can’t Make Them Stop

5/6/22UFCW 8-Golden State ratifies contracts with Save Mart Cos., Albertsons Cos.

5/4/22Starbucks plans wage increases that won’t apply to unionized workers

4/29/22Tentative agreement reached with Gelsons

4/27/22Foster Farms, temp agencies owe millions to workers over COVID sick leave, says state

4/25/22Rite Aid rejected an unsolicited buyout offer

4/25/22Here’s why food shortages are unlikely to occur in the U.S.

4/22/22Save Mart Cos., Union Reach Tentative Labor Agreements

4/19/22Kroger, Houston Workers Reach a Contract

4/18/22The Future Of The Grocery Industry — Will Walmart, Kroger & Amazon Remain Leaders?

4/15/22‘Unified and militant’: Grocery workers get double-digit pay raises in new contract

4/15/22At least 60 employees from The Botanist join Egg Harbor Township labor union

4/14/22Tentative Agreement Reached with Albertsons/Safeway, Negotiations Continue with Kroger to Ensure All Our Grocery Store Workers Get Treated Fairly

4/12/22Amazon Fresh deepens its focus on Just Walk Out technology

4/13/22Albertsons upholds ‘top tier’ performance in strong fiscal 2021 finish

4/11/22New owners of Save Mart grocery plan to continue innovation at Modesto flagship store

4/11/22Aldi is the fastest-growing US grocery chain, report says

4/11/22UFCW Ratifies Deal With Stater Bros. Markets

4/11/22Alaska Grocery Workers Gain Better Wages and Benefits in New Contract

4/11/22Biden To Unions: ‘Amazon, Here We Come’

4/11/22We Can’t Predict the Grocery Future

4/6/22A grocery worker strike was imminent. Then came a 30-hour bargaining marathon

4/4/22Here’s How We Beat Amazon

4/4/22As prices climb, some grocery items get smaller: What to know about ‘shrinkflation’

4/4/22Safeway Workers in Manitoba Reach New Deal, Get Wage Boost

4/4/22SoCal grocery store workers reach tentative agreement with Ralphs, Albertsons, Vons, Pavilions

4/4/22A grocery worker strike was imminent. Then came a 30-hour bargaining marathon

4/1/22Amazon Workers on Staten Island Vote to Unionize in Stunning Win for Labor

3/31/22Why 48,000 California Grocery Workers Have Authorized A Strike

3/31/22California grocery store chain with Sacramento locations sold to private equity firm

3/31/22Albertsons expands affordable access to fresh food and wellness products

3/28/22Grocery workers vote to strike if needed in southern California for higher wages

3/28/22This new union boss could start the biggest strike in decades

3/28/22Instacart slashes its valuation by nearly 40%

3/22/22California grocery workers vote on strike authorization

3/22/22Colorado City Remembers 10 Killed at Supermarket 1 Year Ago

3/21/22Labor Board Finds Starbucks Illegally Retaliated Against Union Organizers

3/18/22Stop & Shop workers Ratify New Contract

3/18/22U.S. online grocery sales grow 9% year-over-year in February

3/17/22Amazon Warehouse Workers Stage Coordinated Strikes Demanding $3 Raises

3/8/22Grocery Store Workers To Decide Whether To Go On Strike After Labor Contract Expires

3/7/22Albertsons could sell off underperforming banners, analyst says

3/7/22Target’s new hourly wage will soon be as much as $24

3/1/22SoCal grocery store workers rally in Tustin as contracts are set to expire March 6

3/1/22Grocery workers seek better pay and conditions as chains reap huge profits

3/1/22Here Comes the Full Amazonification of Whole Foods

2/25/22Starbucks workers’ union drive, spreading across the U.S., has reached the company’s Seattle home

2/25/22Amazon Opens Revolutionary Whole Foods With Technology That Could Make More Than 3 Million U.S. Jobs Obsolete

2/24/22Cardenas Markets is first Hispanic grocer to accept EBT SNAP payments online

2/18/22Grocery workers union reaches tentative deal with Safeway

2/17/22Save Mart expands rollout of grocery delivery robots

2/15/22US Amazon warehouse workers prepare for historic union vote

2/14/22Online grocery shopping activity projected to climb

2/12/22Business Booms at Kroger-Owned Grocery Stores, but Workers Are Left Behind

2/10/22Stop & Shop Union Negotiations Are Underway

2/11/22Will Rapid Grocery Delivery Change N.Y.C.? Look to Berlin.

1/22/22UFCW Local 7 & King Soopers reach tentative agreement

1/22/22Mark Cuban’s drug company launches pharmacy, promising striking savings on generic drugs

1/22/22Why Is Food Insecurity So Widespread In The Grocery Industry?

1/13/22A timeline is set for a new unionization vote at an Amazon warehouse.

1/13/22Fast Food WorkersFace Safety Risks from Both Covid and Customers, Labor Study Finds

1/13/22Albertsons' CEO says consumer engagement remains 'strong' amid inflation, but uncertainty looms

1/12/22Adrenaline and Hope Running High: 8,000 King Soopers Workers Strike In Denver Metro

1/12/22Supply struggles at the grocery store continue with recent weather and omicron surge

1/12/22At a subsidiary of a $4-billion corporation, these low-wage workers are striking for better pay

1/12/22From Covid-19 to #MeToo, The Labor Beat Is Resurgent

1/12/22Disturbing New Report Shows Dire Conditions For Grocery Workers

1/11/22Strike looms at Kroger’s King Soopers in Colorado

1/10/22Why Grocery Store Shelves Are Bare. Again.

1/5/22Should retailers do more to protect frontline workers?

12/18/21Union grocery workers reach tentative agreement, ending strike at Fred Meyer, QFC stores

12/18/21Oregon UFCW Local 555 ends strike, Tentative Agreement Reached.

12/17/21How the Mighty Culinary Union Survived the Apocalypse

12/14/21Starbucks workers at a Buffalo store unionize in a big symbolic win for labor.

12/8/21Starbucks workers decide whether to form first U.S. union

12/8/21Richland Fred Meyer workers: Union Yes!

12/7/21Kellogg Workers Prolong Strike by Rejecting Contract Proposal

12/7/21‘This Safeway is getting weirder and weirder’: How one store is redesigning itself to halt shoplifting

12/2/21BCTGM Reaches Tentative Agreement for Kellogg’s Workers

12/2/21Phoenix Sky Harbor airport concessions workers begin second week of indefinite strike

11/16/21The Starbucks unionization vote could mark a shift for the broader food industry

11/15/21Albertsons debuts retail media network

11/12/21UFCW will continue to represent Tops employees after Price Chopper merger

10/5/21Kroger unveils annual subscription program

10/27/21Price hikes expected to propel grocery sales growth

10/25/21Workers are seeking unions at Starbucks, Dollar General and Amazon locations. Here’s why that matters

10/25/21Heaven Hill, local union reach ‘tentative agreement’ on contract

10/11/21CVS Employees Ratify New Contract, Including More Pay, Safety Measures

10/11/21Albertsons’ stock price has doubled since it went public. Can it keep the momentum going?

10/11/21World food prices hit 10-year peak

10/4/21Bashas’ to Be Acquired by Raley’s

10/4/21Kroger reaches deal on new contract with employee union

10/4/21Floral departments stem the tide of COVID’s sales impact

9/27/21Grocery workers have borne the brunt of the pandemic. Now supermarket shootings are on the rise.

9/27/21Online Grocery’s Double-Edged Sword: Drastic Price Swings

9/27/21Rite Aid expands on-demand delivery nationwide with Uber Eats

9/27/21Albertsons eyes ‘shoppertainment’ with livestream video partnership

8/23/21Grocery-Store Boom to Outlive Pandemic?

8/18/21People Now Spend More at Amazon Than at Walmart

8/18/21Albertsons Cos. launches membership program in digital refresh

8/16/21Grocery prices continue to rise—and there’s no end in sight

8/16/21For first time, average pay for supermarket and restaurant workers tops $15 an hour

8/16/21Why Do American Grocery Stores Still Have an Ethnic Aisle?

8/16/21Albertsons names Sharon McCollam as president, chief financial officer

8/6/21Another stockpiling round may be in store for grocers

8/6/21Some bar and restaurant owners say requiring vaccines is the only way to end 18 months of hell — and bad Yelp reviews aren’t going to change their minds

8/6/21Sprouts Farmers Market moves forward with new stores, strategy

8/6/21Minnesota grocery workers union calls for return of hazard pay as delta variant spreads

8/5/21Walmart takes action on masks and shots as delta variant spreads

8/5/21CVS plans to lift its minimum wage to $15

8/5/21Fresh departments back on track in supermarkets

8/3/21CVS, Target, Walmart stores to test plastic shopping bag alternatives

8/2/21Fred Meyer, warehouse workers agree to contract, avoid strike

7/30/21Grocery chain is fined over sick leave

7/28/21UFCW calls for a nationwide mask mandate in stores to protect staff, and says the CDC’s new mask guidelines don’t go far enough

7/28/21Poll: Nearly 3 in 4 support reinstating mask mandates if COVID-19 cases rise

7/28/21Food industry reimagines ‘future of work’

7/27/21CDC Mask Change Not Enough to Stop COVID Delta Surge, National Mask Mandate Needed to Protect Essential Workers Still on Frontlines of Pandemic

7/27/21Some Amazon warehouse workers see spike in Covid cases

7/27/21Stater Bros. launches online forum for California suppliers

7/26/21Unionized workers at Giant Eagle stores ratify new four-year contract

7/19/21Fred Meyer warehouse workers authorize strike

7/19/21More grocery shoppers look to return to stores

7/16/21The 50 Most Successful Food and Grocery Retailers in North America

7/12/21Food 4 Less workers in California applaud new labor contract

7/12/21Retail workers in unions reap higher wages even as U.S. organizers suffer setbacks

7/12/213 ways grocers can unlock new value in a digitally driven world

7/7/21The Food Industry May Be Finally Paying Attention To Its Weakness To Cyberattacks

7/7/21Why Costco, Market Basket and Wegmans will roar back post-COVID

6/21/21Retail workers are quitting at record rates for higher-paying work: ‘My life isn’t worth a dead-end job’

6/21/21‘The no mask policy is already giving me anxiety’: 4 retail workers on changing mask regulations

6/21/21Grocery-Store Boom Is Poised to Live On Even as Pandemic Fades

6/17/21A College Grad Honored Her Parents With A Photo Shoot In The Fields Where They Worked

6/17/21Grocery retailers moving forward in fresh food departments

6/15/21Rite Aid promotes Andre Persaud to chief retail officer

6/15/21California Workers to Lawmakers: State Budget Must not Forget Essential Workers’ Sacrifice

6/10/21Walmart, Amazon simultaneously add prescription discounts to membership perks

6/10/21Mental health, specialty medications driving drug costs in 2020

6/10/21Tech Shakes Up the Supermarket

6/8/21Why this city is sending grocery workers $1,000 checks?

5/27/21Kroger Cincinnati, Dayton, And Northern Kentucky Associates Reach New Contract With UFCW Local 75

5/26/21Historic Biden Labor Nominee Would Support Level Playing Field for Workers

5/24/21Rising grocery prices gnaw at shopper loyalty

5/21/21Kroger, Hy-Vee, Publix join retailers relaxing face mask policies

5/18/21Kroger CEO Cut Workers’ COVID-19 Hazard Pay, Grabbed Record $22.4 Million Package Himself

5/18/21The CDC’s new mask guidance is confusing for frontline retail workers and turns them into the ‘vaccination police,’ a leading union says

5/18/21Target offers same-day delivery and pickup of adult beverage

5/12/21Grocery retailers have a one-time opportunity to solidify customer relationships

5/12/21FDA Report Reveals Biggest Food Safety Dangers in Grocery Delis

5/12/21Amazon worker in Alabama claims conditions tougher since union vote

5/6/21Shaw's, Star Market Truckers on Strike in New England

5/4/21Raley’s converts 2 stores into Raley’s O-N-E concept

5/3/21Kroger to test grocery deliveries by drone

5/3/21Grocery workers, already reeling from the pandemic, face new trauma from store shootings

5/3/21Grocers turn to e-commerce to boost prepared foods

4/28/21U.S. grocery shoppers head back to stores as COVID-19 vaccinations rise

4/26/21Grocery worker COVID-19 infections, deaths rise: UFCW report

4/23/21Grocery workers died feeding the nation. Now, their families are left to pick up the pieces.

4/22/21A new way to pay at Whole Foods: Scan your palm

4/20/21Supermarket Chain Food 4 Less Confronts Boycotts, Potential Strike

4/20/21U.S. online grocery sales for March 2021 up 43% vs. year ago

4/20/21Americans Are on a Shopping Spree. These Workers Are Overwhelmed.

4/19/21Save Mart kicks off pilot of shelf-scanning robots

4/19/21How Kroger Plans to Gain Greater Share of $1.4T Market

4/19/21Grocery Delivery Workers at Imperfect Foods Vote to Unionize

4/13/21CVS bulks up in-store assortment of frozen food, snacks

4/6/21Amazon’s Clashes With Labor: Days of Conflict and Control

4/5/21Grocery store workers, community members call on Kroger to stop closing local stores

4/5/21How has the pandemic strengthened the global food supply chain?

4/1/21Federal Court Throws Out Dangerous Trump USDA Pork Line Speed Rule in Major Victory for Essential Meatpacking Workers

3/3/21Redefining ‘essential’: How grocery retailers can harness opportunities and optimism in 2021

3/2/21Biden throws a bombshell at Amazon’s anti-union campaign

2/26/21Costco raises its minimum wage above rivals like Amazon, Target and Best Buy

2/24/21Gelson’s Markets to be acquired by owner of Don Quijote, Marukai stores

2/24/21John Oliver on the US meatpacking industry: ‘Things are critical right now’

2/24/21Activists call for boycott of parent company of Ralphs, Food 4 Less

2/24/21U.S. online grocery sales hit $9.3 billion for January

2/22/21Grocery store workers have been on the front lines for a year, but they’re struggling to get the Covid vaccine

2/18/21Save Mart Initiates Robot Grocery Delivery

2/18/21The Giant Company taps Swisslog to automate e-commerce fulfillment center

2/17/21Supermarket workers feel alone and unrecognized over COVID-19: ‘Is today the day I get the virus?’

2/17/21Union says meatpacking workers should be vaccinated sooner

2/17/21An unexpected pitfall for some cities’ mandatory hazard pay for essential workers

2/10/21‘‘We Are Forgotten”: Grocery Workers Hope for Higher Pay and Vaccinations

2/9/21U.S. Pharmacies Will Start to Get a Big Infusion of Vaccines

2/9/21Food supply workers to strike third-largest grocery chain in Southwest

2/9/21U.S. is worst among developed nations for worker benefits

2/5/21Fry’s ratifies contract with Arizona chapter of labor union

2/5/21Kroger is closing stores rather than giving workers an extra $4 in pandemic ‘hero pay’Kroger to close 2 California stores instead of giving $4 hourly ‘hero pay’

2/4/21Grocery industry sues Seattle over new $4 hazard-pay law

2/4/21President Biden acts to protect poultry workers by stopping dangerous line speed increases

2/2/21U.S. Covid Wears On, Essential Workers Carry On: ‘Everybody Forgets That You’re Still on the Front Line’

2/2/21Jeff Bezos stepping down as Amazon CEO, transitioning to executive chair role

2/2/21Kroger to close 2 California stores instead of giving $4 hourly ‘hero pay’

2/2/21Japan’s Checkout-Free Grocery Store Is Giving Amazon A Run For Its Money

1/19/21Biden calls on grocers to give workers retroactive hazard pay

1/19/21Tracking food industry priority for the COVID-19 vaccine

1/19/21A timeline of how the pandemic hit retail

1/19/21Gig Workers Are Employees. Start Treating Them That Way.

1/6/21Los Angeles County approves hero pay for grocery workers, relief for renters

1/6/21‘Lazy,’ ‘Money-Oriented,’ ‘Single Mother’: How Union-Busting Firms Compile Dossiers on Employees

1/6/21Controversy Over Nebraska Meat Packing Plant Covid Vaccinations

1/5/21UFCW Calls on Albertsons to Halt Effort to Eliminate Jobs of Essential Grocery Workers Vital to Food Access for Millions Amid COVID Surge

1/4/21Grocery trends: Fewer new products, but more changes in supermarkets and shopping

1/4/21What 2020 Was Like for People in the Retail Industry

1/4/21Growing concerns for supermarket employees hard-hit by pandemic

1/4/21The Trump administration approved faster line speeds at chicken plants. Those facilities are more likely to have covid-19 cases.

1/4/21More Than 800 SoCal Supermarket Workers Test Positive For COVID-19

11/28/20UFCW, Meat Institute Ask Governors to Prioritize Vaccinations

11/28/20Justice Department sues Walmart, saying it fueled the nation’s opioid crisis

12/28/20Albertsons files for public offering

12/21/20Front-line essential workers and adults 75 and over should be next to get the coronavirus vaccine, a CDC advisory group says